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Sound Control Technologies

Sound Control Technologies manufactures audio and video Middleware products for conferencing and presentation spaces. Products include: RC2™, RC4™, RC5™, RC6™, RC7™, RC8™ and RTK™ solutions.

Model: RTK-PRO™

The RTK-PRO™ provides HDMI for content, Touch 10 Ethernet and power, Audio I/O, USB, distance up to 100 meters on CAT5e/CAT6 and supports up to 3 Cisco Microphones.
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Product Introduction: Camera Mount Series
Posted on Thursday, May 13, 2021
Take a look at our camera specific mounting solutions. With Sound Control Technologies, the Camera End module integrates into the mount. Camera mounts are laser cut to contour the base of the camera. Mounts can easily installed by one person, and offer the cleanest mounting solutions, capable of concealing your cables.