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Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, is at the forefront of digital innovation. Its world-class research and innovation laboratories enable it to lead the market in delivering advanced video services to content creators and distributors. Technicolor also benefits from an extensive intellectual property portfolio focused on imaging technologies. Its commitment is to support the delivery of exciting new experiences for consumers in theaters, homes and on-the-go.

In Canada, Technicolor works regularly with the international community of experienced filmmakers and producers, and supports new and emerging filmmakers on their very first productions. Technicolor is a close partner of the Institut National de l’Image et du Son (INIS - The National Institute of Image and Sound), Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, and KINO’00, a group of up-and-coming artists working in film and video.

The talented artists at Technicolor Montreal work in a creative environment equipped with the latest technologies. Its accomplished project managers are committed to giving you that unique “wow” experience that comes from working with skilled professionals determined to meet and exceed your expectations. To this end, its managers regularly consult with Technicolor experts throughout the world, thus providing your production with access to an immense pool of international talent and unprecedented film and TV production resources.


In the burgeoning Canadian film and television industry, Technicolor, a household name in motion picture entertainment, was looking to expand its Montreal-based post production facility. The wish list included the efficient routing of video to and from suites, and having KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) control in some rooms for video machines, edit consoles, and other solutions. Another challenge was the ability to support a number of different standards and technologies. “We had some specific needs because in our video installation system we sometimes needed to route video reference signals that were analog, and finding an analog switcher to accomplish this was not possible,” says Pierre Perrier, Chef, Entretien Technique, Technicolor, Services Créatifs - Montréal. A few years earlier, the company had found Thinklogical through an Internet search for KVM equipment. When Thinklogical engineers first came up to visit the company, the team at Technicolor thought its products focused only on KVM, but not on transmission of HD and SD video. “And when we saw that you offered those [video transmission] products we started talking to your company about everything we’re doing here,” says Perrier.


Two years before Technicolor’s move to a new facility, Thinklogical sent a team, including engineers, to meet with the company. “We met some of your engineers and they were really good, we were impressed by the quality of their engineering. We were also really happy that we could have a direct line of communication with the engineers themselves. That allowed us to speak directly with the people that could bring us the solutions,“ says Perrier.

In addition to Thinklogical’s standard products, the engineers offered to design a special module that would address Technicolor’s need for analog reference signals by sending those signals through the standard routing system. That would allow Technicolor to transmit and receive all of its video signals through a single router. “When we saw Thinklogical was offering a routing system where we could include all of our needs into only one machine we thought it was great,” says Perrier.

In just two months, before a formal equipment sale, the engineers at Thinklogical came back with a module that Technicolor could test as a solution. “We thought it was great. We had not committed to anything and we just met those guys and they came back two months later and they had developed something already for us,” says Perrier.

With a whopping 20-plus suites to connect, Technicolor planned the installation with an eye toward the future. Rather than buying KVM extenders for every suite, the company bought them for select suites and wired all the rooms with additional fiber optic cable connections to add KVM extenders or other equipment on an as needed basis.

Technicolor purchased standard equipment including some KVM extenders and a router. At the time, high capacity routers were expensive, but Thinklogical offered a cost-effective alternative, a router that uses a multi-path system, which splits a 6.25G signal over two 4G data streams, enabling use of a lower capacity (4G), less-costly router. “That was a big advantage because compared to other vendors, to other companies making that type of system, Thinklogical was a lot more affordable. We were able to use a bigger router at a lower bandwidth. [They offered] a way to send the same quality of signal using more ports on the same router,” says Perrier.


Technicolor is pleased with the outcome. “We’re happy with the product,” says Perrier. “We got the special requirement we needed in the control system . . . we’re happy we worked with your team because they delivered.”

Technicolor sees some important benefits in working with Thinklogical. Perrier says, “We really like Thinklogical. “Its products are reliable, and it’s convenient for us to have such a system here because it allows us to assign equipment very easily from one room to another. I would also say it’s cost-effective, because it was a reasonable price for everything it allows us to do with that system.”