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EFILM deploys Thinklogical’s fiber-based systems

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EFILM deploys Thinklogical’s fiber-based systems
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EFILM deploys Thinklogical’s fiber-based systems
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EFILM operates the most advanced digital laboratory in the world. They serve the motion picture and television industry and their clients are the major film studios, independent filmmakers, advertisers, animators, visual effects companies and large format filmmakers. They have been involved in numerous box office hits such as Titanic, Iron Man, Stewart Little, Con Air, Armageddon, Alien 4: Resurrection, Captain America, among others.

EFILM is dedicated to providing the highest possible image quality and service standards. All of their services are backed by the latest technology and the most experienced staff in the industry. They have pioneered numerous breakthroughs in digital imaging for motion pictures, and continue to develop new tools for filmmakers.

Thinklogical's fiber-based system provides EFILM with a high quality and cost-effective end-to-end infrastructure solution

Immediate access to video resources is the name of the game when designing an infrastructure for a renowned digital film laboratory. This is why Gary Thompson, Vice President of Engineering for EFILM, chose the Thinklogical routing and extension solution. “The performance, bandwidth capacity and reliability of Thinklogical's solution, combined with our investment in high performance file transfer systems and storage facilities, enables EFILM to provide our customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective digital laboratory services worldwide, with unprecedented turnaround times,” said Thompson.

Thinklogical's Velocitykvm extension systems were deployed in order to provide secure fiber optic connections between the source content and editing rooms. The VX160 Router brings it all together, providing complete, end-to-end routing of video and peripheral signals, delivering high resolution content to all of the creative and editing teams at EFILM.

At EFILM numerous compositors and editors reside in multiple editing suites throughout the campus. In addition, EFILM works directly with various studios and creative agencies throughout the area. For this reason it was critical that a tightly integrated solution provide not only seamless access to content and resources, but also not be limited by distance. Therefore, EFILM chose to deploy both multi-mode and single mode fiber extension products, to provide long haul extension up to 40 kilometers (24 miles) away from the source.

EFILM also deployed Thinklogical’s TRANSplex solution in order to transmit multiple protocols over an existing fiber link by combining the fiber outputs of multiple media converters. EFILM uses a variety of wavelength combinations and port configurations and by using a CWDM product, such as the TRANSplex, EFILM is able to send more information over the existing fiber media (IP, DVI, USB, and Audio). The Thinklogical system design effectively links EFILM‘s staff with their clients, as well as outside studios and creative agencies. This ultimately reduces cost, improves workflow and simplifies the management of a complex computing infrastructure.